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Frequently asked questions

Why Way2Task?

  • - To Balance personal and team workloads
  • - To improve office efficiency and guard against missed deadlines
  • - To track overall progress of a project/task
  • - To boost management effectiveness and increase profitability

How to setup?

After creating a Way2Task account, first of all you have to create a group(s) then search and add your colleagues to your group(s). Finally, you can create and assign task.

What is a milestone?

A milestone is a landmark in your task/project that is reached once the entire sub-task lists associated to it is fully done. Every sub-task list will have weightage assigned to it.

For example, you have a task to fix a car, it has two sub-task “fix dents” and “repaint car” each sub-task have 50% weightage. Once you have completed “fix dents” it means you have finished 50% of the task, so the next job is to repaint the car and once you are done with repaint, you have achieved your milestone.

By default, one milestone is created “start to finish” 100 weightage. If there is no sub-task you can use default milestone. However, you can edit but cannot delete the default milestone.

What is the difference between Assigned and Undertaken task?

Assigned task means task assigned by you to others and undertaken means task given by other users.

Can I assign task to myself?

Yes, a task can be assign to self, from the list of assignee select myself.

Can I upload a file after a task is assigned or undertaken?

Yes, files can be uploaded but no larger than 5mb by clicking on upload file button.

How to remind assignee about the task?

Assigner can send an email reminder to an assignee.

Can I set reminder for myself?

Yes, user can set reminders which will be displayed on home screen on the scheduled date

For further detail information please refer to user manual and videos tutorial.