About us

About Company

         The idea that became Way2Task was born out of numerous gripe sessions between a group of interface experts and web application coders (that’s us). We all needed a good task management application to improve office efficiency and guard against missed deadline.

         Way2Task was conceived as friendly and easy-to-use task management system that anyone can start using right away. We wanted a fully-featured task management application, with a user interface that made sense—something we didn’t have to devote a couple of hours learning how to use. We wanted to be able to get a clear overview of the status of any project, anytime and from any place.

We couldn't find that perfect application, so we decided to build it!

         Designing Way2Task we pay a lot of attention to user experience and usability. We believe that it's not the number of features that creates a great product but their execution and how they help you to achieve goals

         Way2Task Beta was released to public in Nov 2010. Way2Task Beta was an instant success and has been constantly developed and enhanced with new features since then. Way2Task Beta will evolve regularly; we have a lot of great new features in development. We’d love to hear what features you’d find useful! Feel free to shoot us an email at contact@Way2Task.com We anticipate to release Way2Task 1st version in few months!!

Our Mission

         Our mission is to provide the most robust and simple-to-use task management system on the market. Our task management web-based application features are designed to maximizing your productivity and balance personal as well as team workloads.